Welcome to
Denison Hearing!

Welcome to Denison Hearing!

Denison Hearing is an audiologist-owned and operated practice that is proud to serve Arvada and the surrounding communities. Dr. Margaret Denison is committed to providing individualized care and quality services that transform hearing health. Our practice offers a suite of services and hearing solutions that help people reconnect with everyday life. We take the time to get to know and learn each patient’s story so we can develop tailored treatment plans that support people living active and full lives.

Prioritizing Hearing Health

We understand the impact that hearing loss can have on your relationships, social life, and daily wellness. With over 48 million people living with some degree of impaired hearing, you are not alone in what you are experiencing. Hearing loss can be isolating and overwhelming to navigate. We are here to provide a wealth of resources, services, and solutions that can change your quality of life and overall health.

Dr. Denison uses a comprehensive approach to thoroughly assess hearing capacities including understanding and hearing performance in background noise. If you can benefit from using hearing aids, we will provide you with a risk-free hearing aid trial. This allows our patients to try out hearing aids before committing. Treating hearing loss is important for social, emotional, and cognitive function.

Why choose us?

Being an audiologist-owned practice provides us with the expertise needed to comprehensively and effectively treat ear-related challenges.

Dr. Denison is invested in providing patient-centered care and support that improves hearing health and the many facets of everyday life that are impacted. We offer a wide range of services that utilize the latest technologies and best practices allows us to identify and treat your specific hearing needs. Dr. Denison believes in hearing solutions that are tailored to each patient and providing risk-free hearing aid trials helps accomplish this.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you prioritize your hearing health.

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Dr. Denison is very professional, thorough, helpful and pleasant. Her service is exemplary and I highly recommend her!
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